Dataphysics İnstruments OCA 25 Temas Açısı Ölçüm Cihazı



OCA 25

The OCA 25 is the all-purpose measuring device for contact angle measurements and drop shape analysis.

The sample table of the OCA 25 is adjustable along all three directions in space via precision axes with hand wheels. Hence, a fast and exact manual positioning of the sample is always guaranteed, even when using high-performance temperature chambers like the electrical temperature control unit TEC 700.

Analysis of even the fastest processes is possible recording up to 3250 frames/s using the 6-fold zoom lens and the high-performance camera with USB 3 interface. Hence, contact angles on adsorbing surfaces like tissues or powders can be measured reliably.

For dosing liquids the manual single and double direct dosing systems SD-DM and DD-DM can be used as well as the electronic multiple direct dosing systems DDE/x. The latter are able to electronically position one to four electronic syringe modules ESr-N.

Furthermore, a nanolitre dosing system can be used to generate extra small liquid drops. Even these are no challenge for the OCA 25 due to its high resolution optics.

Main features

  • sample table adjustable in all three axis with precision mechanics
  • high performance 6-times zoom lens
  • integrated continuous fine focus, and adjustable observation angle
  • video measuring system with high-performance camera using USB 3 interface
  • LED-lighting with manual and software controlled intensity including automatic temperature drift compensation


The SCA Software is available in various independently usable modules. The available software modules for the OCA 25 are:

Learn more about the SCA modules.


Due to the modular product design the OCA 25 can be combined with a multitude of options of the versatile OCA accessories range. Learn more about the available accessories.


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